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One to one coaching

I hold space for you to gain clarity on your unique strengths and focus on how you can create a life which is fulfilling, both personally and professionally.

Your supporter, your motivator, your celebrator. I will enable you to stretch outside of your usual comfort zone, into true fulfilment, but always in a way that feels right for you.

My coaching could be for you if:

  • You feel guilty about focusing on your own goals, because you feel others in your life need the focus more

  • You feel that there is a lot you want to talk about, but you can’t find the right time or person to say it all to

  • You want your personal life and professional life to sit side by side in a better way

  • You are ready to explore how your challenging times, have given you unique and brilliant strengths

  • You are ready to see how your unique strengths can move you towards personal and professional fulfilment; whether that be within your current role, or a new opportunity.

You can expect to gain:

  • Clarity - on how you can cope and thrive during times of challenge

  • Belief - that you deserve to focus on yourself and your development

  • Confidence - in knowing exactly what your unique strengths are and how you can use them 

  • Professional fulfilment - a professional life where you can use your unique strengths and passions every day. A professional life that is supportive of your personal life.

  • Action – you will have clarity of what actions you need to take and how to reach fulfilment, personally and professionally

  • Time and energy - for you, your passions and for your relationship with your loved one


Lifelong changes

Investing in coaching is investing in yourself in the here and now, as well as investing in a lifetime of improvement

If you have never had coaching before, it’s like no other conversation you have had. Coaching is future focused. It’s transformational, and with some help from me, you will be able to bring about positive changes to your whole life. You’ll learn a huge amount about yourself in the process, too.


Joy in the here and now

In and amongst everything that is happening around you, our time will give you permission to focus on you, your goals, your mindset, and your future. You will come away with awareness, solutions, tools and ideas that will make you feel invigorated and energised.


You will feel like you are untangling and leaving each session feeling lighter. You will have the space and time to speak completely freely. I will listen without judgement or interruption. Without offering opinions, I will ask you powerful questions which give you a reason to dig deep. By doing so, you’ll find answers that were always there - you just needed to unlock them.

Your Investment

4 powerful hour-long sessions over 3 months - £300. 


Further sessions can be added for £75 per hour. Starting with 4 means that there is time for powerful progress over a period of time.  


You can also choose additional services to add to your package e.g. DISC personality preference tool and between-session contact. Coaching is all about partnering and finding a way forward that works for you, so we'll do just that, in our first chat.

How to book

  1. Book a discovery call with me below – this is where we chat and decide whether coaching is right for you and whether I’m the right coach for you. This is completely free and without obligation. You let me know where you are currently, and where you want to be.

  2. If the call feels good and you want to sign up, we then sign an agreement and you decide how to pay (one off or a payment plan)

  3. Coaching begins


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