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Balance helps us move forwards, better.

I love my SUP. I know it’s all going well, when I’m paddling through the water, hearing the water lapping on the side of the board, and feeling calm enough to soak up the nature around me. That’s when I know my balance is exactly where it needs to be.

In life, just like on a paddleboard, balance is key to staying steady and heading in the right direction.

At this time of year, it can sometimes feel that it’s hard to get the balance right. There’s often a lot going on personally; caring responsibilities, challenging family circumstances, social commitments, children’s activities, Christmas preparation. There’s also often a lot going on professionally too; end of year deadlines, appraisals, work Christmas events. It can all feel a lot.

If you’re craving some balance here are some questions you could ask yourself. I invite you to take 15 mins and write your answers on a sheet of paper, type out an audio note or even say them out-loud to yourself. Just try to bring them outside of your mind in whichever way feels right:

  • What would I like to be better or different about my work/life balance?

  • What impact would this have on my long term goals?

  • What are the parts of my life, right now, that are contributing to imbalance?

  • Which of these parts bring me joy?

  • Which of these parts are having a negative effect on me feeling balanced?

  • What changes could I make to the parts I can control?

  • What could I do to make myself better able to cope with the ones I can’t control?

  • What’s the step you’ll take today, to get closer to your ideal place of balance?

Making ourselves aware of how we are feeling can be the first step to taking action and getting ourselves to where we want to be.

Charlotte is paddleboarding on a canal, her sillouette is against the canal which is surrounded by trees, the sun is in the distance.

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