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Sometimes the 'baggage' we carry, brings us our greatest strengths

Carrying my baby on hikes isn't always easy. Sometimes I have to think of how I can make it feel easier (the right carrier, or perhaps asking for some help), but I have only ever thought of my baby as the best load I’ll ever get to carry.

This got me thinking about ‘emotional baggage’. Emotional baggage means different things to different people. But more often than not, it’s seen as something negative that you carry with you emotionally.

I believe we need more opportunities to explore the strengths that our so called ‘baggage’ is giving us. After all, it is only by truly knowing our strengths that we can step into a future that feels truly fulfilling.

This is one of the reasons I coach. I love helping people to discover their strengths so that they can reach true personal and professional fulfilment.

Charlotte is standing on a path with mountains behind her, blue sky and sun. She has her baby in a rucksack on her back. Charlotte is smiling, wearing sunglasses, tshirt and shorts.

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